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I’m both an award-winning speaker and salesman. An international bestselling author and accredited executive coach. I work with individuals and organizations and help them to become the highest performing versions of themselves. I support them in maximizing their potential and reaching heightened levels of success. I do this by focusing on developing their inner thoughts, feelings and drivers, in order to perform better and attain success on the outside. I have created a unique system based on years of performance research as well as on my own journey from underachiever to high performer. My mission is to massively impact the performance and ultimately the lives of over 1 million people globally

After initially struggling in the world of corporate sales, I went from underachiever to high performer. This happened after I became aware that the most powerful way to improve performance was by focusing on changing me from the inside. Once I discovered how to do this, my success transformed almost overnight . I then spent the next few years studying and researching the field of performance, and solidified my understanding. Furthermore, throughout my 15 years in corporate sales I was frustrated by the training and , mentoring that I received. I felt that all of it focused on developing external skillsets and virtually none of it on developing inner game.

I eventually decided that it was time to leave my sales career and focus on sharing what I had learnt with the world. Now I help people push through their boundaries and hit their goals. I help them to stop feeling frustrated and I help them make the lasting change that works over the long term. I don’t just go by the things I’ve read in books but also from the journey that I’ve personally been on to create significant change. I know the thoughts, feelings and emotions that are on both sides of the performance fence. I help others maximize their inner game to win the outer game