Case Study 1

Marta Jiminez - CEO Reborn Aura

The challenge

As a CEO I need to be in charge of my emotions especially when it came to working with other people. I wanted to find the most effective way of communicating with other people and balance this with my personal values to get the best out of any partnership. I felt that many of my business relationships were not working for me the way I would like them to . Ultimately this was having an effect on my business

The approach

Navin‘s approach was very personal and tailor made to me. He focused on my priorities and helped me to align myself to my values. He asked me questions that I had never asked myself before and helped me to see my blind spots as well as see things from different perspectives. He got the balance right between questioning and advising me.

The outcome

I found that I was more in sync with my values. I also found that I was able to understand others viewpoints better and as a result communicate with them more effectively. I was able to better challenge my views and assumptions . Furthermore, I am now better at ensuring what I do and how I communicate is better aligned to my values. This has enabled me to have better business relationships, handle my emotions better as well as feel more happy/positive

Why would you recommend Navin

Because he has expertise in helping you to know yourself and the way you think  better. The better you know yourself the more likely you are to experience success. His Coaching also helps you to see your blind spots which is very difficult to do on your own. He challenges your perspective which makes you change your thinking for the better. Ultimately he helps you get better results.