Case Study 3

Dorata Linke - CEO - Missing Link Barberette

The challenge

I needed clarity around my goals as felt that I was trying to travel in too many directions at once . I also wanted to get better at setting my boundaries when interacting with others

The approach

Navin had many different approaches that he used. However, the thing I liked best was the way he made my brain ‘Wake up’. He asked questions that were really challenging and made me consider things that I hadn’t before . Furthermore, his approach made me come to my own realisations. He didn’t force his opinion on me

The outcome

 I feel much greater clarity around my goals and now am working toward specific targets everyday. I am much better with setting up boundaries for myself and this has made me have much more productive business and personal relationships. I also feel much more positive and less stressed about many things

Why would you recommend Navin

He is very down to earth, trustworthy and is genuinely inspired to help his clients to grow and achieve success