How to increase your sales from 5k to 20k a month

  • Is your business ticking along in 5K a month zone but not growing to the 20k plus a month zone that you deserve?
  • Are you sick and tired of most of your leads not converting? 
  •  Do you find potential clients show interest but never buy?
  • Are you feeling you’re working all the possible hours but never seem to grow?
  • Is lack of sales and money consistently a worry for you?
  • Have you tried many different sales training with limited gains?
  • Have you been stuck charging the same prices and can’t get clients willing to pay more?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this course is for you. You will develop both the right mind set and skillset needed to exponentially grow your sales. It will ensure that you convert clients, raise prices and consistently hit the 20k plus income a month you deserve.

On the course you will learn

  • How to develop the optimum mind-set so that you start thinking, acting and performing like a 20k a month business owner
  • The best questions to ask and when to make them in order to close more clients
  • The most effective sales processes and methodology you can implement suited for your business
  • How to most effectively handle your client’s objections and get them to feel comfortable to make a purchasing decision
  • How to effortlessly raise your prices and have your clients happy to pay them
  • What mistakes you are subconsciously making that are stopping you from converting more clients
  • The different buyer types you deal with
  • The most effective way to communicate with and influence others

About me

I am an award-winning salesman, public speaker and international bestselling author. I have 15 years’ experience in sales and have sold millions of pounds in products/ services across the World. I now have dedicated my time to help others (in particular small business owners/ solopreneurs) to ramp up their sales revenues. I take a unique approach to sales coaching as I address both the technical as well as mental side of the sales game.
I use a very practical / real life approach and provide clients with insights that they find they can’t always get from reading a book or other sales coaches
As a result, clients who use me find that they exponentially grow their sales revenue and are able to consistently do this over a long period.

Course Details

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