Sales Transformation Workshop

Why attend?

  • Are you worried about rising energy costs, higher interest rates, rampant inflation and uncertain economic times for your business?
  • Do you realize that now it’s more important than ever to master sales so that you can thrive and not just survive?
  • Do you want to convert more leads and ramp up your sales revenues
  • Do you want to grow your income

If you answered yes to the above, then join the sales transformation workshop.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this course is for you. You will develop both the right mind set and skillset needed to exponentially grow your sales. It will ensure that you convert clients, raise prices and consistently hit the income you deserve.

What we will cover?

A look into 4 key areas of sales that need to be mastered in order to ramp up your revenues.

  • Questioning – The powerful sales questions that you can ask to maximize your success
  • Influencing -Take a deeper look into how to influence people based on key research. You will learn about the 4 key areas that cause people to be influenced
  • Mindset – How to use NLP and internal dialogue to transform your (and others) mindset and drive-up results
  • Closing – Learn the best closing techniques to ensure your enquiries become paying clients

Whose it for

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Sales Leaders
  • Sales Teams
  • Sales Professionals

Work on your inside and the magic will happen on the outside

"Navin Jaitly"

About Navin Jaitly Coaching Ltd

Navin is an award- winning salesperson with over 15 years of experience selling to a wide variety of industries. He has personally sold and helped his clients to sell Millions of pounds in revenue over the years. Additionally, he is an award – winning speaker, international best-selling author and accredited executive trainer. Navin Jaitly Coaching Ltd has been founded to transform the sales results of over 1 million people globally. This is being executed by developing skills- set, mind-set and the inner game of sales people, teams and entrepreneurs around the world.

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