How to convert conversations into paying clients

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How often do you have great conversations with a prospective client, only to find that it doesn’t lead to a sale? They seem to like you, your product and even have a need for it. However, for some reason they decide not to invest with you. For a business owner or sales professional, this is tough at the best of times. However, the problem is compounded in an economic downturn, when budgets are restricted, and people stop spending.


This webinar looks at 3 important keys that need to be addressed to ensure sales are maximized , targets are met and everyone’s a winner

What will you learn

  • 3 powerful tools needed in order to increase your sales conversations
  • How to navigate a tough sales environment
  • What are the common mistakes that you are doing which are impacting your sales results

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Ensure you succeed in sales whatever the environment
Increase your revenue and income
Increase the impact you make

About me

I am an award-winning salesman, public speaker and international bestselling author. I have 15 years’ experience in sales and have sold millions of pounds in products/ services across the World.  I now have dedicated my time to help others (in particular small business owners/ solopreneurs) to ramp up their sales revenues. I take a unique approach to sales coaching as I address both the technical as well as mental side of the sales game.  

I use a very practical / real life approach and provide clients with insights that they find they can’t always get from reading a book or other sales coaches

As a result, clients who use me find that they exponentially grow their sales revenue and are able to consistently do this over a long period

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